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Cheeky Burger are a husband and wife team. Sebastien appeared on MasterChef Professionals and is a classically trained French chef. He was the head chef of the Chapel, an award winning gastropub in Marylebone for 9 years. Marta is a massive burger addict, and an excellent Burger flipper.

Their experience in quality cooking translates into the burgers, and all ingredients are prepared from scratch. They make their own homemade ketchup, chipotle smokey mayonnaise, confit onion relish and already famous bacon and Jack Daniels jam, which requires six hours of cooking! The meat comes from a farm in Hertfordshire, and is handmade and hand prepared. There are no eggs or breadcrumbs in the burgers, just quality steak meat. They believe in serving gourmet and restaurant style food - the way it should be.

Options include: Cheeky Cheese, Cheeky Bacon, Cheeky Stilton, Cheeky Hot Daddy & the Motherducker.




Our Charity

We donate 100% of our profits to The Sustainability Institute
a pioneering environmental and educational charity in South Africa

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