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Early Man (2018) PG

Sliced bread! Wow! This is the best thing since…well, ever

This event has passed

Saturday 28th July

Doors: 7:00 pm

Screening: 9:15 pm

£7.50- £14

Nick Park pits British cavemen against bronze age interlopers in his gloriously funny take on the prehistoric birth of the beautiful game. Unsurprisingly, it’s a hoot. Starting in the Neo-Pleistocene era – because when a pun like that just presents itself, you don’t turn it down – Early Man is about a tribe of stone-age stragglers in a world that’s moved on to bronze. Foremost among them is Dug (Eddie Redmayne), who hunts rabbits in a fertile valley with his porcine sidekick Hognob at his flank. Past the forests lie nothing but lava-scarred badlands – or so Dug thinks. Then a raiding party stomps in on mammoth-back, led by the grasping, supercilious Lord Nooth (Tom Hiddleston), and equipped with all the latest newly smelted tech. They claim the place for themselves, and Dug’s people can do nothing about it. Their only hope is to win back their land in a high-stakes football match against Nooth’s club, Real Bronzio. There is, quite literally, everything to play for.

This screening will be in our very own beautiful Queens Park - the local park to the Nomad and the Lexi, our Cine Sister. There are no headphones at this event.

Food and drink is available from the new Queens Park Cafe.

Chairs are available to be hired and wedges are able to be pre-bought.

The Nomad Cinema is thrilled to partner with curated online cinema MUBI to present this summer's programme of amazing outdoor screenings. It's the perfect fit: two adventurous, independent companies dedicated to bringing great cinema to a wide audience. And to make it even more exciting, every ticket to a Nomad screening will include 30 free days of MUBI!


Off-street parking available [limited]

Outdoor pop-up event [no seating provided]

Picnics [with alcohol] permitted

Vegetarian option available

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