How do I buy tickets?

Please note: we only issue electronic tickets – you will not receive tickets in the post. Our online box office is managed by WeGotTickets – all our events click straight through to the box office so booking is easy.  If you are having any trouble buying your tickets, please consult the WeGotTickets FAQs page. Please note our events tend to sell out and some venues have very limited capacities, so tickets should be bought online prior to the event.

Who is eligible for concessions?

  • Seniors 65 and over
  • Students [with proof of status]
  • Children 14 and under, where Film Cert allows [those under 5 go free!]
  • Jobseekers [with proof of status]

Please note we are able to offer concessions at some, but not all, venues.

Carer Tickets:

Carers of those with a disability, learning difficulties or special needs can attend our events for FREE
[please get in touch with us when booking so we can add you to our admissions list and provide additional assistance if necessary]

Can I make a group booking?

We love big bunches of people! If you are planning to bring a group to a Nomad Cinema event, please get in touch with us by emailing us at hello@whereisthenomad.com. We offer discounted tickets to groups of 10 or more booking together, and groups of 20 or more get special treats too – get in touch so we can give you the VIP treatment!

What if an event is SOLD OUT?

You can email us at hello@whereisthenomad.com quoting film, date and venue and we’ll add you to our waiting list. Alternatively, choose something completely different - or do both!

Can I bring children?

We welcome families to films suitable for everyone in the group – just like at a regular cinema. The classification of each film is clearly marked and we are legally obligated to not admit anyone who appears to be under the age stated, so please use the classification ahead of booking to determine whether it is appropriate for your whole family. Please ensure that your children are accompanied by an adult at all times and that they do not disturb other audience members during the screening.

Children aged 14 and under count as concessions. Infants aged 5 and under can come for free!

In accordance with Parent and Baby screening guidelines, babies aged one year and under can come to a screening of any film with any classification.

Learn more about film classification on the BBFC website.

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds on ticket purchases, except when we have had to cancel an event. You can, however, reallocate your tickets to someone else if you can no longer attend a screening you have bought tickets for – contact WeGotTickets, our online box office, to do so.

Are there toilets at Nomad events?

Yes, there are toilets on site at each venue, including facilities for disabled audience members. [if you are a wheelchair user and/or will require disabled toilet facilities and you are attending a Brompton Cemetery screening, please advise us as soon as you book your tickets.]

Will there be an intermission?

No, the film will run straight through. At most events there will be refreshments on sale throughout the film [though hot food may not remain available for long after the film begins, so get your order in early!]


What if it rains?

In the event of wet weather, the screening will still go ahead – our events are a bit like a mini festival so keep this in mind when getting ready – please check the forecast in advance and come dressed accordingly! Remember to bring warm (maybe also waterproof!) clothing and a blanket if you wish, as it does get cool towards the end of a screening. Only in the case of extreme weather, such as dangerously high winds, will the screening be cancelled. Unfortunately we cannot give refunds if it rains.

What should I wear?

Bring warm clothes, layers and blankets as it can get very cool towards the end of a screening. If the forecast looks a bit dodgy, pack some waterproofs just in case.

What should I bring?

  • A picnic (or enjoy the food and drink available on site – varies per event, see individual listings)
  • A torch or lantern can be useful
  • Warm clothes and blankets.
  • Raincoats, windbreakers and ponchos. Note: please be considerate if using an umbrella during a screening as it may block the view of those around you. Thanks!
  • Rugs, tarpaulin or mats to sit on.
  • Chairs are welcome [low ones preferred!] but you may be asked to sit at the side or the back to avoid blocking other people’s view of the screen [chairs not permitted at Brompton Cemetery, Belgrave Sq and Grosvenor Sq]
  • A sense of humour! On very rare occasions we may encounter technical hiccups at outdoor venues – bear with us and enjoy the atmosphere…

Is there parking?

Off-road parking is not usually available at our outdoor venues [see individual listings], though there may be parking nearby. We recommend using public transport where possible and planning ahead. Some venues are a bit of a walk from the nearest station or stop, so leave yourself plenty of time to reach us.

Can I bring my own picnic?

At most outdoor venues you are free to bring your own food and drink, including alcohol [see individual listings]. Alternatively, avoid the hassle and enjoy some of our delicious on-site catering instead, or do a bit of both!  Alcohol is usually permitted but please drink responsibly…  Please note that glass must not be brought on site at any Royal Parks screenings [Bushy Park, Hyde Park Lido, Brompton Cemetery]. Please also remember to use the bins provided or take your litter home – thanks.

Is seating provided?

Not usually, except at Brompton Cemetery, where you must use the chairs provided in the designated seating area. There is also seating provided at some venues as part of our Magic Carpet ticket offering and at some events deckchairs can be hired. Please see individual event listings for specific details. You’re welcome to bring your own seats and chairs to most other outdoor events [except Belgrave Sq and Grosvenor Sq], but please be aware that you may be asked to sit at the side or the back to avoid blocking other people’s view of the screen. Please do not bring your own seating to Brompton Cemetery as you will not be able to use it at this very sensitive site.

Can I bring my dog?

Unfortunately we cannot admit dogs to our screenings, out of consideration for the comfort and enjoyment of all our audience members. We are looking into ways of putting on dog-friendly events in the future, though, because The Nomad loves dogs too, and besides – it would be a lot of fun.

Is smoking permitted?

Smoking is permitted at our outdoor events but please consider those around you and smoke away from the screening area. At some venues, we may ask you to smoke only in specific areas [see individual listings].


Is there parking?

Parking is not usually available at indoor venues, though on-street parking may be available nearby. For venues located in very busy areas, it may be advisable to use public transport. Please see specific venues for details.

Is seating provided?

Seating is usually provided at indoor screenings. At certain venues, where seating is not provided, you may bring your own seats but please be aware that you may be asked to sit at the side or the back to avoid blocking other people’s view of the screen [see individual listings].


I may need some special assistance at an event. How can I arrange this?

Stewards are always available to assist disabled audience members as required. Please let us know of any requirements you may have in advance, by emailing hello@whereisthenomad.com so we can welcome and assist you to the best of our ability. It is worth noting that our outdoor screenings tend to be on grass and access is sometimes across park land but our stewards can help you get across any rough ground if necessary.

I am a wheelchair user and will need to park as near to the site as possible. Can you advise on this?

We do our best to identify places close to our venues where our disable patrons can be dropped off and collected, though parking may not always be possible. Do email hello@whereisthenomad.com if you’d like some specific advice.

Where should I position my wheelchair at outdoor events?

For our outdoor screenings, audience members often bring folding chairs, so please do position your wheelchair wherever you prefer – best to arrive a little early to find the best spot! What tends to happen naturally is that people on blankets sit towards the front and those with chairs further back.

Are screenings subtitled or audio looped for those with hearing loss?

Apart from foreign films, which are subtitled [except family-friendly animations], unfortunately we cannot offer subtitles on our films, as in our experience this can be somewhat distracting for other audience members.  Having looked into it, we have found that audio loops are unfortunately very expensive and complicated to put in place and as a relatively new business we cannot offer that at this time, though we have certainly not discounted this solution for the future. However, we are working on the possibility of sign-assisted screenings if there is sufficient demand – so please do get in touch at hello@whereisthenomad.com if you would be interested in this.

Will there be disabled toilets on site?

Yes. We check with every venue that toilets include disabled facilities as a matter of course. However, at Brompton Cemetery, which is a very sensitive and challenging site without existing disabled toilet facilities, we only bring a disabled toilet with us if we are alerted ahead of time that someone will require it. Please make sure you notify us in advance if you are coming to a Brompton Cemetery screening and you are a disabled toilet user. Thanks!

Can I bring my dog?

Guide Dogs and Hearing Dogs are welcome at our events. Get in touch with us at hello@whereisthenomad.com if you are planning on coming to one of our events with your canine assistant!

We’re here to Help!

Got another question? Once you have selected a screening, drop us an email to hello@whereisthenomad.com and we can answer any further queries you might have relating to that particular event. Please be assured that we always endeavour to put in place practical measures so that we can welcome anyone who wishes to attend one of our events.


Want The Nomad to visit your back garden, bowling alley, village green or funfair? Drop us a line along with details of the type and scale of the event you’d like to put on and we’ll get back to you with details.

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