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Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone (2001) PG

It does not do to dwell on dreams, Harry, and forget to live.

This event has passed

Sunday 22nd October

Doors: 5:30 pm

Screening: 6:30 pm


Join us for this very rare big-screen showing – at Leadenhall, the location for Diagon Alley! Watch The Philosopher’s Stone where all the magic began!

Nothing could have more of the makings of an epic series than this. It has legs. It has wings. It has broomsticks for whizzing about on. As all the world knows, Harry is the little wizard boy, or should that be wizard little boy, whose magus parents Lily and James were killed by the unspeakable Voldemort (shhhhhh!!). But he is then delivered to his Muggle, ie non-magician, civilian aunt and uncle, and beastly fat cousin, to be bullied until Harry is whisked off to Hogwarts, a glorious boarding school for trainee wizards where you are allowed to say "bloody" to a beak without getting into trouble and where Harry is tutored in the art of potions, spells, and riding a broomstick. The young prince of light himself is played, of course by Daniel Radcliffe – alongside, of course, the magnificent Emma Watson, and loveable nerd Rupert Grint. Alan Rickman luxuriates in the role of the superbly, hilariously sinister Severus Snape.

This screening will be with headphones and all tickets come with a seat.

Hot and cold drinks available [including alcohol]

Hot and cold food available

No glass/ glassware permitted

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