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Madame Gautier is a family-run business started in 2005 by Mark and Corinne Gautier with their children Liana and Guy working alongside them, creating freshly made classic French Regional Food for every occasion.

Madame Gautier will be on site at many of our events this summer, serving up a variety of delicious options at each event.  Here's a glimpse of what will on the menu at various venues across the summer:

Burgers - with or without cheese - and salad & homemade burger sauce
Mushroom & Halloumi Burgers (V)
Courgette, Cumin & Sweetcorn Burgers (Vn)
Hot Dogs - plain & chilli cheese 
Pulled Pork, BBQ sauce & coleslaw sandwiches
BBQ Chicken pieces with coleslaw and corn on the cob
Mac n Cheese (V)
Classic Chicken Provençal
Catalan Chicken

Confit de Boeuf - Madame Gautier's signature dish of slow-cooked whole chunks of beef, roasted for 12 hours, with tomato, red wine & Dijon mustard
Risi Bisi - vegetable rice (Vn)
Truffade - smoked bacon, sausage anf onions with new potato, béchamel & cheese
Stir fry - meat and veggie
Spiced Mushroom & Bean Ragout (V)
Paella - chicken and seafood
Chilli con carne
Boulettes de Boeuf à la Parisienne - Handmade beef meatballs with horseradish and oregano, in a rich tomato sauce

Visit the Madame Gautier website.

Our Charity

We donate 100% of our profits to The Sustainability Institute
a pioneering environmental and educational charity in South Africa

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