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The Blair Witch Project 15

It's like looking through the lens gives you some sort of protection from what's on the other side.

This event has passed

Sunday 23rd October

Doors: 6:30 pm

Screening: 7:00 pm


We're back at The Hoxton, Shoreditch for the original found-footage horror film.

Three film students vanish after hiking into the forest to shoot a documentary on the local Blair Witch legend. Once they get into the woods, the situation gradually turns ominous. They walk in circles. Something happens to their map. Nature itself begins to seem oppressive and dead. They find ominous signs. Bundles of twigs. Unsettling stick figures. Able to evoke scalp-shrivelling fear with nothing more than darkness and shadows - the film has no special effects and the horror is suggested rather than shown.​ Behind the incredible hype which accompanied the film on its release, lies a devastatingly effective ghost story.

Tickets include a cocktail and popcorn on arrival!

Full disabled access available

Hot and cold drinks available [including alcohol]

Hot and cold food available

Indoor pop-up event [seating provided]

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