3 Fascinating Destinations That Inspired Online Slots

The world is filled with beautiful countries that have gifted us with so many wonders. Without this beauty, we wouldn’t have the inspiration for so many grandiose things, from music to paintings.

One surprising industry that also finds a great deal of inspiration in the world around us is the casino sector. More specifically, online slots have been widely renowned for using motifs from different countries to spice up their games. Thus, today we’ll take you on a worldwide journey to the most inspirational countries through the world of slots.


We’ll start this off with the great country of Egypt, whose history is revered to this day. They have given us the foundation for modern medicine and invented locks along with paper and ink, and without them, our calendars would definitely not be the same. At the very least, even if you live under a rock, you have heard of the countless Egyptian pyramids such as the pyramid of Giza.

Thus, it’s no surprise that when it comes to themed online slots, Egyptian, and more specifically, Ancient Egyptian, motifs have become one of the most popular options. For instance, we have the Gods of Giza slot that takes you through Ancient Egypt, where you explore the various treasures it holds. Next up, we have the Book of Cats. Cats and Ancient Egypt do go hand in hand already but this is heavily themed around the goddess Bastet.

If you haven’t heard of her, Bastet is an Ancient Egyptian deity, more specifically a warrior goddess of the sun depicted as a cat. So, through this title, you not only do you get to learn about a potentially new-to-you goddess, but you also get to enjoy Egyptian motifs and music.

And of course, we have to mention one of the most popular figures of Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra. The Cleopatra’s Coins slot offers the ideal depiction of this historic Queen, who was well-known not only for her beauty but also for her knowledge. You also get to see symbols depicting scarabs and even Mark Anthony, while playing.


Greece is definitely on the bucket list of millions of travelers worldwide. From its intense mythology to the delightful Mediterranean food and gorgeous architecture, who can blame them? Plus, it’s known as the cradle of Western civilization, gifting us the first concepts of democracy and advanced progress in fields like philosophy.

And when it comes to slots, there’s truly no shortage of games that are inspired by this impressive nation. For instance, we have Fury of Zeus, featuring the king of gods, the god of sky and thunder. Here you get to enjoy plenty of Greek motifs, along with godlike payouts if you get the right combination of golden wilds.

Olympus is another great slot, where you can a total of five gods and goddesses. From the main three; Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades; to Hera, the queen of the gods, and Aphrodite, the patron of love and beauty – there is plenty you get to see. Plus, there’s a really fun feature where if you land three or more shields, you get to choose between 5 different free spin bonus rounds based on the aforementioned deities.

Finally, there’s the stunning Temple of Athena, dedicated to the patron of wisdom and warfare. How could you not dedicate an epic slot game to such as goddess? Even Athens, the capital of Greece, was named after her after she prevailed against her confrontation with Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea.


The beautiful country of Ireland has so much to offer, from lush landscapes to captivating folklore. Moreover, the country has an incredible literary heritage, we can thank them for gifting us Oscar Wilde, who created the masterpiece that is The Picture of Dorian Gray, and James Joyce, most known for his modernist novel Ulysses.

Plus, the luck of the Irish is very well-known, and where better to implement this than in a game of chance? Well, when you combine the Irish theme and the luckiest of symbols you get Four Lucky Clover. This is the best of lucky worlds, with a chance to win up to 2500x your bet while enjoying plenty of lucky clovers.

As we mentioned, Ireland is well known for its folklore, but no supernatural creature is more iconic than the Leprechaun. For those who want to see more of these mischievous sprites, Leprechaun Legends is the slot to go for. With depictions of rainbows and pots of gold, and a charming tune to boot along with a re-spin feature titled the Luck O’ The Irish, it’s definitely a great depiction of Irish lore.

And if you want even more, there is always the Lucky Oak slot. Featuring a mysterious location, the Lucky Oak Tree, home to a leprechaun you get all of the above plus depictions of beer. After all, Ireland is also renowned for its high-quality brews, from Guinness to Irish red ale to Kilkenny.


Traveling, whether it is to the aforementioned Egypt or to another country like Italy, is always a great way to learn more and expand your horizons, however, it is not always accessible. And reading wiki pages is not quite as fun, as it limits you to dry facts. So, if you want to find a way to explore the world and its history in a modern and innovative way, well, there are plenty of slots that can help you do just that.