The Benefits of Using QR Code Business Cards

In the 1990s, QR codes were available to track parts of automobiles. Since then, the technology has evolved. Currently, it offers a touchless, mobile solution for digital marketing. Businesses have even started benefiting from QR codes on business cards.

Approximately more than half (59%) of business owners believe that QR code business card solutions will be a vital part of the future mobile experience. Every new generation depends on information that’s easily mobile accessible. Currently, every smartphone has a built-in Quick Response code reader. This allows for convenient access to information.

Your company can take advantage of a QR code business card and the convenient access that mobile devices offer to grow in terms of customers.

Adding a QR Code on Your Business Cards Will Allow You to Access These Benefits

You’ll unearth a wealth of benefits when you include a QR code on your business card. A professionally designed and created business card is an effective marketing tool; however, they are analog.

They have a limited space. A modern quick response code challenges all these drawbacks. It offers a hybrid tool that appeals to different types of users. A QR code business card offers these key benefits:

Revise Content in Real-Time

A traditional business card usually has a low shelf life. The information it carries changes continuously. You can decide to change your email ID, phone number, or address in the future. Every time you change any of these details, it means reprinting and distributing your business card. This leads to increased costs.

A QR code business card enables you to update your information in real time. While keeping the same QR code business card, you can easily change your information infinite times. That means lower expenses. Also, you avoid losing customers with a QR code business card.

Share More Information

You have limited space to display a lot of information when you use traditional business cards. Their size is 3.50 by 2.00 inches, and most of them include an individual’s:

  • Email ID
  • Contact number
  • Name

It’s now necessary to share images, website URLs, and social media profiles. A QR code business card allows you to share more details. Apart from your basic details, this digital solution can also allow you to share images, website URLs, social media profiles, etc.

Share Contact Details Easily and Grow Your Network

Physical business cards usually trigger tedious processes such as saving contact details. Individuals must copy the information manually to their mobile devices. This process is time-consuming. Also, it’s prone to errors. An individual can easily enter a wrong phone number or email.

This results in a vanished networking opportunity. A QR code business card allows you to speed up the process of saving contact details. Users only need a single scan to access your profile page that has contact details. No need to physically enter contact information.

Want to boost your digital marketing campaign? Consider a QR code business card. It is a new-age alternative to traditional business cards.