Welcome to Whereisthenomad.com! My name is Heather Winton, and I am the blogger behind this website.
A Few Words About Me
If I had to describe myself, I’d say that I am a naturally curious person. So, like many of you, I enjoy browsing the Internet in search of interesting articles. For the most part, I prefer blog posts that are not only fun to read but are also full of practical information. Unfortunately, I have noticed that, these days, such articles are hard to find.
For example, many bloggers are now creating content that is too technical and (frankly said) dull. Then there are blog writers who produce materials that abound in fluff, promotional links, or their personal opinions. At the same time, the websites that offer quality articles are far too few, and that started to annoy me.
Luckily, out of this annoyance came something positive! Since I have a passion for writing, I decided to launch a website of my own — Whereisthenomad.com.
About Whereisthenomad.com
Think of my site as a safe space for curious minds. On the one hand, it contains useful information on a plethora of topics, including Relationships, Health, and even Pets. On the other hand, the articles on it are easy to read and to digest. Therefore, the website will help you expand your knowledge in various fields even when you are on the go.