Yojimbo 1961 PG

I'm not dying yet. I have to kill quite a few men first

Tuesday 13th June

Doors: 6:45 pm

Screening: 7:15 pm

£10 per ticket

Proud & The Nomad bring the tastes and energy of Japan to London with new Pop-up Japan! Whether you want to connect with traditional culture, sample new, fresh flavours or experience a neon-lit night to remember, Proud has a corner of vibrant Japan to enthral every visitor. Embrace the contemporary sounds, tastes and vibrant street-life of Japan this March and venture down the blossom-lined paths of Regent’s Canal to Proud East. With hands-on workshops, eclectic cinema and the delicate tastes of Japanese fine cuisine, Proud’s pop-up fuses Tokyo’s dynamic cultural hub with century old customs.

As effortlessly engaging as it is widely influencial. Yojimbo sees Kurosawa at the peak of his powers and lays the groundwork for the modern American Western – this was the prototype for Fistful of Dollars (1963). An impoverished ronin strolls into town and gets half of the baddies to obliterate the other half, signing up as bodyguard to both the sake and silk merchants - and instigating a full-scale gang war. Exhilarating, surprising, kinetic, and darkly funny, this is one for the Tarantino fans!

None of it should work. All of it does. ROGER EBERT 

Please note: £10 ticket includes screening only & film will be silent with Wi-Fi headphones provided.



Hot and cold drinks available [including alcohol]

Outdoor pop-up event [seating provided]

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