Top Online Marketplaces in Australia You Should Sell On

According to a poll, 50% of Australians made more internet purchases after the outbreak. In FY 2021, 9.1 million households made purchases online. This indicates that an increasing number of Australians are becoming comfortable with digital marketplaces and may eventually switch to this business model.

You’re on the correct track if you’re an aspiring online store. Selecting the ideal platform for marketing your goods or services is one important consideration, however. Taking into account which area can help you become more visible online by getting you in closer proximity to your target audience is crucial.

Definition of an Online Marketplace

An online marketplace is a website that facilitates transactions between customers and independent vendors. You can read here in more detail about the benefits. The internet marketplace exists to make it simple for vendors to discover clients and carry out commerce. It is simpler to have a wider reach since this e-commerce company is handled online rather than in a physical place.

Online marketplaces provide goods and services via online transactions, much like other companies that focus on e-commerce. The online marketplace website facilitates the completion of transactions when payments for goods or services are offered. You may also refer to an electronic marketplace or even a sharing economy platform as an online marketplace.

Reasons to Use Marketplaces for Selling Online

Online marketplaces offer numerous benefits for sellers, such as:

  • built-in customer base;
  • increased exposure;
  • trust;
  • credibility;
  • ease of setup;
  • technical infrastructure;
  • customer support;
  • global reach;
  • cost-effectiveness;
  • SEO benefits;
  • feedback and review systems;
  • streamlined logistics. 

Established marketplaces have a large and active customer base, providing instant access to a wide audience. Marketplaces often invest heavily in marketing and advertising, attracting customers, and building brand awareness. Trust and credibility are also enhanced by the platform’s familiarity with consumers. 

Setting up a presence in a marketplace is quicker and more straightforward than setting up an independent online store. Marketplaces also provide customer support services, resolving issues related to transactions, returns, and inquiries. They also offer a strong SEO strategy, allowing products to be found through search engines. Some marketplaces offer fulfillment services, streamlining the order fulfillment and shipping process.

List of Best Australian Online Marketplaces in 2024

There are fantastic eCommerce marketplaces in Australia that are drawing in your target market, regardless of the niche your business works in. Think about signing up for these online marketplaces right now.

Amazon Australia

Since its launch in 2017, has offered over 100 million goods in 29 different product categories, making it a profitable platform for the majority of online retailers. According to a poll done in the 12 months leading up to July 2023, 43% of respondents claimed to have made purchases from the American online marketplace Amazon, making it the most popular store among Australian online consumers.

Vendors may now provide quick delivery times with the introduction of Amazon Australia Prime and FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), which may alleviate the logistical issues associated with the shipment. 

Additionally, since Amazon Australia takes care of all the shipping arrangements and doesn’t impose a minimum quantity on the items you send, FBA may save you a significant amount of time and headaches.


With a wide selection of furniture, exercise gear, pet supplies, and more, MyDeal is one of the largest online marketplaces in Australia. But they are concentrating on furniture. Sending an inquiry is the first step towards becoming a seller on My Deal. In addition to listing, they oversee how your items are presented and, if you need them, provide modest loans to your company—a special service.


Among the most well-known and respected online marketplaces for Australian consumers, offers a wide selection of products and brands. 

The Catch opened for business in 2017. The firm puts a lot of effort into making sure that it has the top items available on the globe, so you can buy with confidence knowing that you’re receiving the best offers. The company’s crew must screen you if you want to become a salesperson. Through the official website, your items may then reach more than 3 million buyers.


The Australian website is beneficial for companies looking to list their own products as well as merchants. In addition to charging for shipping to Australia, they also charge a fee and deduct GST. Products may be sold both new and secondhand if you disclose their condition.

Books, jewelry, shoes, art materials, technology, baby goods, and much more are all included in the many categories. It is recommended to anyone who wants to experiment a little bit with e-retail before fully committing. You may apply as a vendor under a variety of categories, including the more conventional Trader Agreement.


Another online store is Kogan, which offers many goods in every category. There are hundreds of brands in Kogan. It provides vendors with an extensive array of marketing options, including email campaigns and special discounts for holidays like Black Friday.

Kogan asserts that their platform, which has won awards, is exceptional at connecting the appropriate items with customers who are most likely to purchase them. The Kogan team takes great satisfaction in establishing enduring, mutually beneficial partnerships with vendors, clients, and associates.


For Australian customers, online marketplaces offer a great way to purchase and sell products and services. While some are more broad, others are devoted to a particular product or service.

Every platform mentioned above has special advantages, so choose the best for you only. With so many options, there’s certain to be an online marketplace ideal for your company or personal needs.