Requirements for Parents of A British Child Visa

The UK Immigration Rules allow you to join your British citizen or settled kid in the UK. For additional information about applying, please contact us.

You must prove that you have exclusive parental responsibility for the kid or access rights to the child, and that you are actively raising the child. You must be able to maintain yourself and your family without public assistance. You must also speak English.

How can I get a UK parent visa?

To apply for a Parental Visa to the UK you will need:

  • To fulfill the child relationship criterion
  • Not be dating the child’s other parent or caretaker.
  • Show that they are and will be involved in the child’s upbringing.

The parent must be above 18, from outside the UK, able to support themselves and any dependents, and speak English well (CEFR A1).  The kid must be British or established in the UK, under 18, and residing there.

How to apply to join my kid in the UK

Online applications need a Home Office fee and Immigration Health Surcharge for National Health Service usage. If accepted, the candidate will be allowed to stay for 2.5 years. After submitting the application and paying the costs, the applicant will be called to schedule biometrics at the local Visa Application Centre. They must provide fingerprints and be photographed. The applicant must print and sign the online form and bring it to the Visa Application Centre with supporting documentation.

The Sheffield-based UK Home Office will decide.  The specifics of each case determine the supporting papers we may help choose. Any applicant must provide Appendix 5 (VAF4A).

What is sole responsibility and how can I show it?

Parents may prove they have “sole responsibility” for the kid or that the British settled parent with whom the child lives is not their spouse but has direct contact to the child.  The definition of “sole responsibility” is whether a parent controls and directs the child’s upbringing, including all major life choices.  This was the exam in TD (Paragraph 279(i)E) Sole Responsibility (Yemen) [2006]. 

The Court enumerated grounds for decision makers determining sole liability in this instance.  We evaluate the practicalities of alone caring for a kid living overseas or apart from the parent while aiding with the application.  Sharing duty is always possible, particularly if a kid is abroad.

What proof is needed for an application?

Whether you have entire or joint responsibility, you must show that you are and will be involved in the child’s development.  This might include financial support, visits, school meetings, photos, family and friend testimonials, etc.

What are the long-term residency options for parents with children living in the UK?

After two years and nine months, applicants must petition to renew their visa.  The applicant may apply for indefinite permission to stay after five years in the UK.  The applicant cannot incorporate UK time on another visa.

Am I able to change my UK visa to a parent visa?

One may sometimes apply to become a parent in another nation.  Suppose a partner was allowed to stay in the UK and the marriage ended.  Applicants must meet these requirements:

  1. The kid must be under 18 at the time of the application or when you initially granted leave and not live independently.
  2. The kid must be a British citizen, have established or pre-settled status, or have resided in the UK for seven years, and it would be unreasonable for them to leave.
  3. The EU Settlement Scheme may allow you to apply if the kid is pre-settled.

If you share parental responsibility, you must prove that the child’s other parent is not your partner, is British, settled, or from the EU, and has pre-settled status. You must also prove that the child lives with them, and that you have access to the child as agreed or by court order. Documenting your active involvement in the child’s upbringing and intention to continue is crucial. This visa allows two years and nine months in the UK, with the option to extend.

QC Immigration will assist you supply the right supporting papers and make the procedure as simple as possible. Call QC Immigration if you need their team to help with your application or have a general question.