Farm Parts Store: A Premier Destination for Tractor Rims and Kubota Replacement Parts

In the heart of agricultural excellence, Farm Parts Store stands as the go-to hub for superior-quality tractor rims and top-notch Kubota replacement parts. With an unwavering commitment to keeping machinery in peak condition, the store takes pride in offering an extensive catalog and expert assistance, ensuring farming equipment operates at its best.

Unmatched Variety of Rims & Wheels

Farm Parts Store’s extensive parts bin caters to the distinct requirements of large agricultural machines, offering a variety of high-quality front and rear tractor rims. Bolts and studs are included for seamless installation. The catalog, designed as a comprehensive guide, ensures easy navigation with part numbers or machine brands, recognizing the specificity of each agricultural brand and machine.

The Farm Parts bin houses every conceivable type of front and rear wheel or disc, accompanied by the necessary nuts, bolts, and accessories to complete the fitment. For those specialized machines in the field, Farm Parts Store offers a range of power-adjustable rims. 

Featured Products:

  • A&I Products 404341R3 Stud Rear Wheel Pack of 10
  • Case-IH 380870R1 Rear Wheel Clamp
  • Massey Ferguson 184273M1 Wheel Nut Pack of 10

Precision Kubota Replacement Parts

Farm Parts Store caters to diverse Kubota machine needs with an easy-to-use catalog offering a broad range of replacement parts, from alternators and bearings to driveline components. Established in 1890, Kubota Corporation has risen as a global leader in agriculture and industry.

Currently, Kubota produces a diverse range of machinery and equipment tailored for applications in farming, landscaping, golf courses, and construction. Farm Parts Store has nearly every model of tractor, disc mower, excavator, and generator represented in their parts bin, along with various other machines in their product range.

Customers can select from top-quality parts like alternators, bearings, and driveline components for all their Kubota derivatives in the easy-to-navigate parts bin. By providing the machine type and Kubota model number, customers will find the best replacement parts in the market right at the Farm Parts Store. 

The Kubota parts catalog at Farm Parts Store is supported by knowledgeable representatives, ensuring convenient assistance in finding the right components. Orders are delivered directly to customers’ residences across North America for added convenience.

Featured Products

  • Kubota 12498-63010 Starter
  • Kubota 15196-97010 Automotive Wedge Belt
  • Kubota 15221-72060 Radiator


Choosing Farm Parts Store is stepping into a realm where quality, expertise, and convenience come together to ensure optimal performance for agricultural machinery. The commitment to excellence establishes Farm Parts Store as a trusted partner, devoted to maintaining equipment seamlessly in the dynamic agricultural landscape.