Fun for Beginners: Which Video Games Are Easy to Learn?

Gaming has become the cornerstone of modern entertainment. Worldwide, there’s more interest in video games than ever before. Fans can watch their favorite teams battle it out in leagues like the ESL and Championship, then switch over to platforms like Twitch and YouTube to watch their favorite streamers compete live.

The options are nearly endless—and that’s true when it comes to finding a title to play for yourself. With more ways to game than ever before, gamers can explore classic titles, the latest frontiers in indie gaming, imaginative new augmented reality projects, and plenty more. But not all are suitable for onboarding first-time gamers, especially when it comes to complex video games.

If you’re interested in gaming, check out our suggestions below. We’ve curated a list that covers the easiest games for newcomers to play and enjoy, starting out with classic analog titles and moving into more in-depth gaming categories.

Casino Games: Roulette

Let’s kick this list off with one of the most iconic casino games in the world: roulette. Though you may imagine playing this game live on the casino floor, casino games are also available on virtual platforms—which can make learning the ropes even easier. To play this game, simply place your bet(s), then watch the croupier spin the wheel. Depending on where the ball lands, you may win the bet. But keep in mind that roulette involves dozens of strategies, from the Martingale to the Fibonacci, offering you new perspectives to see and play the game through.

Collectible Card Games: Hearthstone

Unlike roulette, Hearthstone can only be played in its digital format. This makes it a bit easier for newcomers to learn the ropes, as they don’t have to build physical card decks and travel to competitions. Instead, players will collect digital cards that allow them to wield the powers of a hero within a one-on-one match. Using cards that power players up, summon attacks, and much more, each game unrolls play-by-play. Keep in mind that, like many CCGs, Hearthstone is set within a fantasy world.

Mobile Games: Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Mobile games are the latest forefront in gaming, which means there are literally dozens of categories with top-tier options. We suggest trying out a highly rated casual game titled Good Pizza, Great Pizza.

As the title suggests, players must craft tasty pizzas for their restaurant in this cooking simulation. Along the way, they’ll also interact with customers, field a few crazy orders, and have to keep up the pace to keep pumping out those savory pies. But don’t worry—the mechanics are very straightforward, making this great for beginners.

Survival Games: Terraria

Survival games are hugely popular—and there are many casual titles out there, so don’t let the genre put you off. These games are all about strategic thinking and using resources wisely. In Terraria, players can either fight, explore, or build as they take on their enemies. These game modes let you tackle what interests you at the moment, whether building a homestead to unwind or taking on boss battles when you’re feeling unstoppable. Best of all, you can access this game on your smartphone or from a PC or console.

Battle Royale Games: Fortnite

We’re making a mainstream suggestion for our battle royale recommendation. Fortnite is one of the very first battle royale games that put this type of setup on the map. In a battle royale, players must take one another down in a no-holds-barred faceoff until only one player is standing. The setup itself is very straightforward—but you’ll be able to choose from dozens of imaginative and memorable characters, each with their own unique powers and characteristics.

RPG Games: Final Fantasy 7 (Remake)

Role-playing games are hugely popular because they’re very immersive, letting players sink into a developed world and the main character’s story. Some RPGs are even designed for infinite playability. We suggest starting off with Final Fantasy 7, which has a great storyline and a host of cheeky characters. Players step into the shoes of a mercenary, Cloud Strife, who must take down a corporation bent on destroying the world.